Vector Watch


Vector Watch is the first Romanian smartwatch entering the competition with Apple and Samsung. The brand’s most important competitive advantage: the smartwatch battery lasts up to 30 days.


Promoting Vector Smartwatch on the US and UK markets

Positioning Vector as a top smartwatch brand within tech and fashion industries

Communicating Vector’s competitive advantage

Generating direct orders from the website

  • Search campaigns on categories RLSA, PLA
  • Targeted Display marketing
  • Segmented remarketing

We helped position the brand as a fashion and business product in the UK market and a business and tech product in the US market. In the first month of the campaign launch, AdWords generated traffic rose over 500%. Moreover, the conversion rate for search campaigns was 20% better than through organic traffic. Mobile and business-related searches in top cities have performed the best. Lastly, A/B testing on visuals improved the click-through rate by 30% and conversion by 17%.

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