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Accelerate your AdWords Sibiu – Live Blog

Ziua 1 – Think Solutions at Accelerate Adwords

  • 9:29 – Super enthusiasm and energy

It’s Saturday morning. What a perfect moment to take your AdWords account to the next level – at Accelerate AdWords Sibiu.

The adLemonade office is a full house. After our PPC coffee and an ice-breaker game, the training has started.

“Let’s communicate constantly, you can join in anytime with questions. We’re going to spend two wonderful days, as  an AdWords family”, Anabela said at the beginning of class. Anabela Luca is a Google AdWords specialist and Google trainer since 2013.

Let’s start the discussions with Google Search.

  • 12:30 – How to set budgets according to performance indicators 

We are effectively learning  how to set up an efficient structure in Adwords, how to differentiate campaigns and why it’s important to set up performance based budgets.

Anabela is explaining the difference between Click Through Rate (CTR) and Conversion Rate (CR).

– How important is my website in order to develop performant ads? Sergiu, asks.

– The website is very important as it is the basis for your online communications. A non performing mobile website will get visits from AdWords but will not register conversions. As a help tool, you can use Page Speed Insights to test your website’s score, Anabela responded.

Maximum focus and interaction. Even the light seems to be different:

  •  14:30 – What’s the difference between callouts si sitelink Ad extensions

Callout extensions talk about who you are, showing business competitive advantages such as free delivery, business awards or certifications, while sitelink extensions are simply links to product/services pages on your website.

Anabela doesn’t recommend that we use the contact page as a sitelink extension, only if there are no other relevant product pages, which the client might access through the ad.

Nevertheless if your website doesn’t sell online and you can offer phone customer service, you can use the contact page or your telephone number as a sitelink extension.

The class continues with performant ad writing techniques

The ice breaker organised after our lunch break is showing results. We’re ready to find out more!

18:38 – Day 1 of our Accelerate AdWords training is complete

We’ve learned how to build a efficient account structure, how to write performant ads for our Search campaigns and what are the keyword match types.

How is it to become an AdWords professional in Sibiu’s ground zero? We’ll see each other tomorrow morning with high energy and the same marvellous view over the Small Square.

Ziua 2 – Think Optimization

9:53 – The PPC coffee is ready

The laptops are opened, we are ready to start a new day at Accelerate AdWords Sibiu.

Today we’re going through the more crative part of Google promotion. We’re learning how to optimize Google Display Network campaigns, how to effectively bid  on mobile and why is important to use Youtube for business video promotiong.

For starters, we’re learning how GDN banners work and why do we use “cookies” in remarketing campaigns.


12:30 –  We are mobile

90% of Internet visitors are constantly using multiple device. 53% of these are using mobile first.

In this context it is important to develop mobile specific bidding strategies, Anabela says. She’s showing us how to set mobile budgets, proportioning them to their generated value.


We’re find out just now what nomophobia is.

15:00 – Oops! Who is the new trainer?

28 milion users and a 64% monthly reach. who spend over 6 billion hours watching Youtube videos.

Adi Anton from Monday has talked about Youtube and Facebok video content, with specific details which will help us create performant videos.

Following, Anabela is showing us which are the video ad formats and how to attract customers using demographic data, while directing key words according, through specific remarketing campaigns, on Youtube.

Are these enough reasons to use video campaigns on Youtube?

18:00 – Why do we keep on using AdWords? 

We love AdWords because it brings results.  We are organising Accelerate AdWords training with the same motivation in mind.

We have so many different businesses here, from medical services, to tourism, from manufacturers to event planners. With the right knowledge, adapted to their field of expertise, AdWords is sure to bring results for each and every one of them.

Accelerate AdWords Sibiu has ended. See you next time!


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